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HERADERM is the leading brand of "wound care" series products in Taiwan's medical system.

Following the launch of the first- and second-generation hydrogel advanced dressing products, we continue to improve and adjust the products to better meet the needs, and also actively develop a series of wound care products.

Because we always listen to our users, deeply understand the principles of wound healing,
continue to experiment and research and develop, and successfully develop the "HeraDerm
Wound Care Series" products, provide "complete care from the wound to scar" solutions,
and continue to obtain a subsidy from Ministry of Science and Technology Research and
Development Project, Small Business Innovation and R&D Program for "Water Gel Applied to
Wound Dressing Material Development", a subsidy from Taipei City Local Industry Innovation
and R&D Promotion Program for Innovation Technology "UV Photopolymer Water Adhesive
Dressing Technology Development Program." We are also awarded by the Ministry of
Economic Affairs The Technology Office for the "Outstanding SBIR R&D Achievement Award",
and received a subsidy from the New Taipei City Government's local industry innovation
research and development promotion project for "new anti-scar patch research and
development and manufacturing".

  • Moisture-BaIance TechnoIogy

    Polymer hydrogel dressings can provide a moist and balanced healing environment for wounds. When the skin tissue is relatively dry, the hydrogel dressing can provide sufficient moisture to the skin cells, which we call Moisture-BaIance TechnoIogy. The hydrogel's hygroscopic and de-adhesive properties enable the dressing to be easily removed from the skin surface, avoiding skin pain and secondary trauma when it is torn off. Provides a comfortable healing environment for wounds and reduces scarring and pigmentation.

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