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Amed advanced medication's short-term goal is to market the HeraDerm brand to the domestic and overseas markets and become an international level medical dressing manufacturer and have our own OBM.
The long-term goal is to develop drug-containing functional composite
UV hydrogel products and apply UV hydrogel for subcutaneous repair.
We will continue to aim to improve product quality and functions and invest in the development of various medical products for wound care. We hope to integrate Chinese and Western medicine with percutaneous absorption and wound therapy to propose a comprehensive wound healing system. By having a professional image, diversified products, and being consumer-oriented, we have become a leading brand in the wound care market in Taiwan. In order for our group to operate continuously, we plan to grow strong in Taiwan, and aim at the world market.

Amed advanced medication specializes in channel marketing, product development, and licensing of medical and wound care-related products.
With our professional teams in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing, we can maximize the value of our products and achieve mutual benefits.
If you are interested in our products, marketing, and technology, please contact us.