About Amed


    AMED Co., Ltd.: R&D, Production and Marketing Trinity, Creating an Advantageous Situation

    AMED Biomedical focus on the research and development of UV-Cross-linked Hydrogel, and is a professional R&D and manufacturing company for wound dressing launched in the market under the product brand of “HeraDerm”. The HeraDerm wound care dressing product collection was developed using the unique UV hydrogel, featuring advantages including high absorbent capacity, high biocompatibility and usage convenience, and is suitable for wound care after surgery, as well as wound care applications such as bedsores, diabetic feet and venous ulceration as a result of old age. The HeraDerm collection is currently being purchased and used by 19 medical centers in Taiwan, and will continue to strive for improvement in the future to produce more quality products.

    Factory Introduction

    AMED Biomedical owns a factory conforming to the international standard regulations of ISO13485, ISO9001, CE and GMP, which is located in the New Taipei Industrial Park, featuring a clean room production environment of class 100K, constant temperature and humidity control system, chemical fume extractor and clean benches, where automatic production is conducted from feed intake, coating to packaging, thereby guaranteeing the excellent quality and production capacity output for the hydrogel dressing with stringent quality controls.


Future Development

Management Principles: Professional, Innovation, Quality, Practicality, Caring

Yao-Chien Wang, founder and president of the AMED Group was originally responsible for the business of a breast cancer pharmaceutical company, and often witnessed patients suffering from breast cancer being affected by changing the dressing for the wound. Under a certain opportunity, president Wang discovered the technique for UV hydrogel, not only capable of assisting in the healing of the wounds, but the characteristics of non adhesive and water-resistance also solved many of the issues for conventional dressing. Therefore, he devote into the development and application of UV hydrogel, hoping to introduce different choices to wound care.

President Wang believes that thorough wound care can only come with good products; other than improving through continuous R&D of UV hydrogel as the foundation, the AMED Group further adopts demands and opinions from patients and doctors as the direction for improvement, hoping to provide quality products and services, in order to help in the healing of wounds.

“Excelsior ” has always been the consistent perseverance and belief for president Wang. We constantly listen to the feedback of the markets, actively discover problems, striving continuously, based on the management indices of professional, innovation, quality, practicality and caring, as this is the enterprise spirit for the AMED Group.

Enterprise Vision
Lead the biotech industry with innovative thinking
Enhance wound care quality
Become the leading brand for global dressing

Our Goal
Provide comprehensive wound care, create the maximum efficacy and contribution
Proficient in the development and manufacture of high end wound dressing
Become the best dressing business marketing team in Taiwan
Become the best strategic partner for international biotech companies in Taiwan

Future Vision

The AMED Group’s short-term goal is to promote the HeraDerm brand to both domestic and overseas markets, and become an international grade medical treatment dressing manufacturer, as well as a self-owned OBM brand. The long-term goal is to develop functional medicated hydrogel products, as well as hydrogel for hypodermic treatment application. We will continue to devote our attention to the development of various wound care medical treatment products, hoping to combine Chinese & Western medicines, percutaneous absorption and wound treatment in proposing a comprehensive wound healing system, thereby becoming the leading brand for the wound care market in Taiwan based on professional image, diversified products and consumer demands.

In order to ensure the sustainable management of the group, we must set our vision on global layout and develop overseas channels. Currently, we are obtaining medical equipment selling permits from China, Southeast Asia and Brazil in succession. As for distributing tactic, we are actively extending our efforts to Japan, India, South Africa, Central and South America as well as Europe in addition to China and Southeast Asia, devoting in creating AMED’s global marketing network.


  • 2008/07Establishment of InteRx Biomedical Co., Ltd.
  • 2009/06Establishment of AMED Co., Ltd..
  • 2010/01Establishment of AMED Group was founded.
  • 2010/04The project for "Development of Hydrogel applied on wound healing dressing"
  • was funded by the SBIR of the Technology R&D Innovation Program from
  • the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • 2010/07The project for "Development of UV-crosslinked Hydrogel Dressing" was
  • funded by the Local SBIR of Taipei City.
  • 2010/09Factory was completed in Wugu district.
  • ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2003 certifications completed.
  • 2010/10HeraDerm Hydrogel Wound Dressing (Non-sterile) license approved.
  • 2011/05Taiwan Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified.
  • 2011/12Obtained HeraDerm Wound Dressing Hydrogel for Surgical Application
  • 2012/01R.O.C. Utility patent granted.
  • China Utility patent granted.
  • 2012/05CE verification completed.
  • 2012/12Obtained HeraDerm Scar Care Dressing (non-sterile) Class I medical device
  • Obtained HeraDerm Hydrogel Wound Dressing (sterile) Class I medical device license
  • in Taiwan.
  • 2013/10Honored with the award of "Outstanding SBIR R&D Accomplishment” from the
  • Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • 2013/12The project for "R&D and Manufacture of New Scar Care Dressing" was
  • funded by the Local SBIR of New Taipei City.
  • Obtained China medical instrument certificate for HeraDerm Wound Dressing Hydrogel
  • for Surgical Application medical device license in China.
  • 2014/03Became the agent for specific nutrient foods of the American company,
  • 2014/04Construction of online store completed.
  • 2014/09Merged with Great United Strong Enterprise Corp., completed hospitals, clinics
  • and pharmacy channel integration for the northern, central and southern regions.
  • 2015/04Launched AMED Mommy & Baby products.
  • 2015/09Became official agency for “Polysite Implantable Port” from the French
  • company, PEROUSE.
  • 2015/12Passed the TTQS Talent Quality-management System evaluation certified.
  • Sole agent for long-acting pain-relieving injection from Lumosa Therapeutics.
  • 2016/04HeraDerm CPAP Mask Cushion (Non-sterile) license approved.
  • HeraDerm CPAP Mask Cushion (Non-sterile) license launched.
  • 2016/05R.O.C. Design patent of CPAP Mask Cushion (Non-sterile) granted.
  • 2016/12R.O.C. Invention patent of HeraDerm Silicone Scar Gel (Non-sterile) granted.
  • 2016/12AMED Co., Ltd. and InteRx Biomedical Co., Ltd. merged into AMED Co., Ltd.
  • 2018/02R.O.C. Invention patent of HeraDerm Scar Care Dressing (Non-sterile) granted.


Core Technique A+Gel Medical Grade Gel
The main ingredient for AMED’s latest generation of A+ Gel is based on the 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate (HEMA) similar to contact lenses, capable of providing wounds with a high oxygen permeable moisturizing environment, where besides absorbing the wound fluid, maintaining moisture balance and stimulating wound healing, it also features the characteristic of non-adhesive after absorbing moisture, thereby protecting the new epithelial tissue, and further guide the fluid to the entire gel body through the T-shaped dispersion, therefore preventing the wound bed from being soaked.

Moisture-Balance Technique
The environment of the wound is not homogenous. For a wound, some part may have fluid too much, while some part may be too dry, hence it is difficult for it to be treated simultaneously using a common dressing. The unique moisture-balance technique of A+ Gel contains adequate moisture, which is capable of providing a moisturized environment for the wound that is too dry. Meanwhile, the gel body also features excellent moisture-absorbing capacity; hence it is capable of absorbing excess moisture content even when under the condition of over fluid, thereby preventing infection as a result of soaking and a delay in the healing time for the wound.

Retains Wound Growth Factors
When a wound occurs, the human body’s natural mechanism will gather growth factors on the wound to stimulate the healing. A common dressing will absorb the growth factors along with the fluid, but A+ Gel features the characteristic of selective absorption of fluid, where majority of the growth factors will be retained when absorbing the fluid, thereby accelerating the healing of the wound.