Oct.22 2021

Orthopedic surgery care presentation



After the operation, if the wound is well taken care of, the joints would recover and the knee strength can be improved.

Amed was invited to join the "Medical Device Industry Technology Counseling and Promotion Program", which was jointly organized by the Orthopedics Team of the Zhonghe Memorial Hospital affiliated to the Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Metal Industry Research and Development Center of the Consortium. "Counseling and Promotion Project" is the first clinical field established in China for intelligent muscle training for orthopedic surgery patients. Providing patients with better postoperative wound care has always been the philosophy of Amed. A series of hydrogel dressings developed with patented technology not only provide patients with better medical options but also help with the efficient recovery of postoperative wounds.