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Nov.12 2021

New AMED dressing products expand the scope of application



The gospel of postoperative wound care

New product of AMED dressing, expand the scope of application!

We listen to the needs of clinical users, deeply understand the principles of wound healing, continue to experiment and research and develop, successfully develop "HERADERM Wound Care Series" products, provide "care from a wound to scar completeness" solutions, and successively obtain the Ministry of Economic Affairs The scientific and technological research and development project "Development of materials used in wound dressings with water gel", the Taipei City Local Industrial Innovation and R&D Promotion Program, the subsidy for the innovative technology " UV photo polymerized hydrogels Dressing Technology Development Program", and the "Outstanding SBIR R&D Achievement Award" from the Technology Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs "Prizes and etc…

In the future, a new antibacterial version will be launched to benefit more postoperative patients and provide better wound care services