Creating a Happy Enterprise

    The vision for the AMED Group is to provide people a healthy and happy life, and to attain this goal, it will have to be a healthy and happy enterprise first. We have Corporate Identify System, comfortable office, as well as technologized facilities and humane management, which allow employees to work carefree. With the food safety issues emerging during last few years, we have setup an employee’s restaurant to provide fresh, delicious nutritious lunch. We also have established exercise space for employees to stay fit. We have planned courses on a regular basis to cultivate seed instructors, thereby achieving continued inheritance while enhancing employees’ intrinsic skills, so the employees’ growth can drive the enterprise forward, and therefore ensure the possibility for sustainable operation.

    The development of the biotech industry in Taiwan has been thriving during the recent years, yet majority of the biotech enterprises emphasize mainly R&D and production, and neglect distributing and branding. As long as they could not set foot into the market, even if they have excellent products and technology, they usually turn to OEM in the end. I have already established the three-phase market strategy from the beginning. To establish channels and get in the markets first, then go for branding. The brand will then be created and efforts devoted to R&D when the profit is stable, as only continuous profits can support continuous investment and growth.

    Brand establishment is a long journey, and I expect AMED Group to become a touching local brand will be a touching enterprise that makes Taiwan proud!